This is Mary’s story – what’s yours? #meetourriders

Mary Banks works in the Marketing Team for Cranswick Foods PLC – one of our lovely Principal Partners of the ride. She thought the sportive would be a great days cycling, so chose to do the long route as a challenge – go, Mary!

Mary is a keen cyclist, who loves exploring new cycling routes around Yorkshire and the Lakes whilst desperately trying to keep up with her husband! Find out what she loves the most about the sport here:

Which route have you chosen to ride?
Route 3, the long one (62 miles). I have just read it that it has two category 4 climbs! Arghhhhh!!!!!

What was your motivation to take part?
I love cycling as well as having a challenge to aim towards, it’s great way to keep fit. The chosen charity is such a great cause to support! If we can encourage more youngsters to get involved in sport, any sport, it has so many benefits.

What’s the best thing about cycling?
There are so many fab things about cycling. I love the fact you can go cycling with your friends and you don’t have to be an expert to do it. I love the long days in the summer, riding through some amazing countryside you otherwise would not see. I also love at the end of a ride, that sense of achievement, in my case, it is mostly ‘yes – I didn’t fall off going downhill (a speciality of mine) and I am still on the bike’!

If you could cycle anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
Great question! My cycle buddy, Heidi, who is always reviewing different rides for us to do, recently posted a cycle ride where some cyclists in Perth, Australia, biked 120 miles round Perth to map a picture of a goat. What a great ride!

What tips would you give to newcomers to the sportive?
My advice is the same as Luke’s, invest in the comfiest bib shorts you can afford. I promise you, it is worth every penny!

If you could go on a ride with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?
Davina McCall, as she would be a great laugh and keep us all motivated.

What would be the best thing to greet you at the finish line?
My husband, with a cup of tea.

And lastly, with your after race food voucher, will it be a bacon or sausage butty?
Hummmmmmm……Sausage butty please!!!

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