This is Michelle’s story – what’s yours? #meetourriders

Meet Michelle, Office Manager at h&h based on Hesslewood Office Park – right where the Sportive will be taking place on 18th June.

Michelle has registered for the ride and is ready to step away from her desk and get out into the fresh air to be part of an amazing day for The Ellie Penrose fund.

Which route have you chosen to ride?
Route 2 – 42 miles.

What was your motivation to take part?
Reading about Ellie made me catch my breath. It’s stories like Ellie’s that really make you realise how precious life is and how we should cherish every minute. I love cycling anyway and this is a great opportunity to do something I enjoy and to help raise money for such a deserving cause.

What’s the best thing about cycling?
The sense of freedom it gives and as with any exercise, the feel good factor when you finish. The fact that you can cycle as hard or as gently as you like and being able to get off the main drag and see things that you miss when you’re zooming around in the car.

If you could cycle anywhere in the World where would you go and why?
I would love to cycle round NZ. My husband and I visited NZ as part of a round the world trip in 2007 and we travelled round both islands in a motorhome and hired bikes along the way. It is such a beautiful and diverse country. NZ is the only country I have visited where you can be on the beach with a snow capped mountain in the backdrop. It is also home to more sheep than people!

What tips would you give to newcomers to the sportive?
Embrace it – what’s the worst that can happen? Get out with your friends and family and leave technology at home, give your brain a rest.

If you could go on a ride with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?
I would choose my 80 year old dad who cycled miles and miles as a kid and loves regaling me with his adventures. Now he has to listen to me telling him of my cycling adventures. He would love to be able to get back on the saddle but his 80 year old bones dictate otherwise!

What would be the best thing to greet you at the finish line?
A pint of real ale and lots of happy people.

And lastly, with your after race food voucher, will it be a bacon or sausage butty?
No bacon or sausage for this animal loving veggie but you can bet I’ll be in line to sample the Humber Sportive brew!

If you’ve been inspired by Michelle then why not sign up to ride alongside her?

Click here to register. We’re open to everyone!